Doodles From Your Brian – Doodle and Plan Your Week

If you are like me, you love to doodle whilst working, listening and making plans. This journal is the perfect combination of both a weekly planner and prompts to help you get creative! This journal contains: 52 double spread weeks, 52 doodle and note pages and 52 doodles prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

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Desktop Version 

Travel Version

Untitled_Artwork (3)

Musa and Friends

Screenshot (24)

Musa & Friends – a charming collection of board books for pre-schoolers. Written and created by Zanib Mian and spectacularly illustrated by me Daniel Hills.

All four books will be published together on the 12th of April, Allah willing. We may have them sooner, and if you pre-order, you will too!

Board book 14cm x 14cm

Age 0-3

8 pages

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Lil Pickle Goes To Space

Lil Pickle has always wanted to go to space but they need your help to get there. Follow Lil Pickle on their adventure and help colour and create the journey. With some colouring pencils in hand, you can go on the greatest adventure and come back to Earth with your own personalised story.
A story and activity book for Children and the young at heart.
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The Two Little Droplets

The Two Little Droplets is an adventurous tale of two friends who get separated and have to try to find each other in the big ocean.  Will Droplet One and Droplet Two get back to their cloud? Who will they meet under the sea?
This cute tale is also an educational look at the rain cycle.
Perfect for ages 3+

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